def Computer (Blog):

My posts can be about operating systems, mobile computing, desktop software, development software, and computer hardware and may not be limited to Microsoft products. I do know plenty about OpenBSD (or other *BSD systems), GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X. When I say "plenty," I mean that I regularly operate a personal file server with pf enabled and I am looking to deploy a BIND solution on my LAN.

I know C/C++, Objective-C, Java, VC++,VB, VC#, .NET, some LISP, PERL and scripting (eg. Batch files, BASH). For Web related, I understand HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Please note: Postings on this blog are the personal opinions of the author and do not reflect or represent the views of any specific companies, as either mentioned or inferred.

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Software and Web Security 2 - Injection Attacks on Servers

It’s programming for the true masochist.

"Hello World" in COBOL


        DISPLAY 'Hello world!'.
        STOP RUN.
Evolution of a (Linux) SysAdmin

Snort, Malware and the Cloud

A lot of CDNs and cloud-based sites are really making it difficult to weed out safe from malicious. For example, a file-executable detector on my network detected a download from Akamai Technologies, which is a CDN and Facebook uses it. It’s really obscuring and masking detective results.

progression of computer languages